Welcome to SSIC: Self-Sustaining Intentional Community. The video above will give you an overview of what we are planning to create.

We are working on the plans to develop sites in Lousiana and Oregon to pioneer a model that will be replicated across the US and the world.

We have created a unique economic model where workers in the community receive profit-sharing from all of the combined revenue generated by the community ventures.

This website is under construction. Each of the Core Community Projects and site locations will have more details as we finalize on the details.

Core Community Projects


New construction of housing utilizing all green technology utilizing SIP panels and extracting water from the air.


Utilizing indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse methods for growing all the produce requirements of the community and to sell to markets to generate revenue.


The Sports/Entertainment Complex is a large scale multi-use facility. It hosts the Compassion Center for Health and Well-Being center for community members to provide holistic and evidence-based healing.


Many manufacturing facilities will be created that create jobs and generate revenue for the community. Capabilities range from physical goods to digital content.

Background Information About Us


Saint James Holdings and Investment Company Trust


  • 1031 Information - Background information on 1031 Exchange
  • Spurt Time Bank - External link to our Spurt Time Bank to exchange with SSIC products and services
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